Let Me Roast Your Website*

Getting thousands of visitors every month is remarkable. It's also incredibly difficult.

Especially if you've never done it before.

It doesn't matter whether you want to win more customers via SEO or trying to build a niche site monetized with ads...

There are so many factors – content, usability, design to only name a few – that can make or break a site, stifle your growth or kill your conversions.

Here's where I come in.

I'm doing this "online marketing thing" for 9 years now, I've built more websites than I can count, helped multiple clients reach their target audience and sold one of my own site for 6 figures.

Let me support you, let me roast your site*.

I'll roast your website (= honestly critique, provide feedback and ideas for improvement). You get a ten-minute 'website review' video for ten bucks.

That's the offer.

After you've paid, you'll be redirected to a Google Form where you put in …

  • your website
  • the email address where I should send the video to
  • a free form field where you can add a comment (something I should focus on, for example)

That's it.

Then I'll send you the video a few days later :).

Alright, no hard-selling.

If you want your site to get roasted, hit the button below.

P.S.: No, I'll never share your site and the video is password protected.

P.P.S.: Maybe you're wondering why this is so damn cheap? Well, I like 'roasting' websites and this is a great way 'to sharpen my sword'. Plus, it's an introductory offer – if we're a good fit, I'd like to help you reach your marketing goals. 🤝